Books You Should Read

by mollygoldsmith87

I’ve been seeing this list float around on of the 10 Books Every Girl Should Read in her Twenties. I decided to check it out and it was literally crap. I have no interest in reading books by Jane Austen, Confessions of a Shopaholic, or that one dude who wrote The Notebook. I actually don’t know if the last one was on the list because I stopped reading it after I saw Pride and Prejudiced on there. I’m sure it’s a really great book, if you’re into that kind of crappy sappy lovey dovey type stuff, but it is not for me. So I’ve decided to list some of my favorite books. These are the books that have literally stuck with me and I can still tell you every detail in them. Some of them are children’s books but they are a must read, in my opinion. Also, after you read what I write down if you want to add any books that you think I may be interested in feel free to comment them down below!